We work with organizations and leaders that want to:

  • Increase your bottom- and top- line results through strategic leadership
  • Demonstrate improved service and product quality with delighted customers, increased productivity, and lower costs
  • Achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness with strategic managers and engaged employees

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We enable YOU to improve bottom & top-line results executing robust strategic plans & developing strategic leaders & managers

We engage, inspire, & enable YOUR employees to become more strategic leaders & managers with customized Keynotes and hands-on sessions
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Reach YOUR potential and become a more strategic leader, manager or small business owner with personalized coaching.
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Develop more concrete results when YOU use these powerful resources for YOU and YOUR team

Advantage Leadership, Inc. offers organizational development, management and leadership development and success planning consulting services to move your organization to the next level.

We partner with you to benefit your bottom line and transfer knowledge so you and your team can succeed with your own resources.
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Rebecca talks about leadership challenges today.

Success Planning: A 'How-to' Guide for Strategic Planning
This field-tested manual gives you all the tools you need to create and execute a successful plan for your business, non-profit or department.
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Get Great Requirements: Delight Customers Every Time You Build, Buy, Maintain or Outsource a Software System

Learn to reduce costly rework and stop defects before they start and much much more...
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The Hard Job of Making Software Work:
Establishing the Quality Assurance Function Step By Step

Learn how to build a robust QA function to prevent defects, find defects, and reduce defects efficiently and effectively
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Free Podcast: Success Planning
An interview with Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, author of Success Planning: A 'How-To' Guide for Strategic Planning. Learn how to improve your bottom line with this practical, results-oriented process. click here

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