Assessments: Disaster-Recovery Plan-Stress-Test

Are your confident in your Disaster-Recovery Plan?

Is your plan is up-to-date?

Our Disaster-Recovery Plan-Stress-Test will:

Probe the health of your current plan and program

Get you back on the road to comfort with the fitness of your plan.

With our Disaster-Recovery Plan-Stress-Test


Sample Results


Assess your Business Continuation plans and programs against our standards on:

  • Procedures to respond to a business disruption
  • Identification of key individuals to manage the process of recovering the business after a disaster
  • Identification of the teams to complete the specific activities necessary for emergency response and recovery
  • Specification of the critical business functions that need to continue after a disaster
  • The Logistics of recovering critical business functions
  • The Interdependencies and Resources needed for recovering from an emergency
  • The Procedures for releases of information to employees and the general public
  • The Procedures to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

We provide the report cards and scorecards you need to revitalize your Disaster Recovery plan.

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