Assessments: Productivity/Quality Assessment

Do you know how productive your IT functions really are?

Do you have a reliable benchmark of your current situation for making decisions and driving results improvement?

What's the effectiveness and efficiency of your development and maintenance work?

Can you rely on your planning and execution efforts? What's the financial impact of your current productivity?

If you don't have a ready answer for all of these questions…and more…you may not be operating as efficiently and effectively as you need to in today's competitive environment…

Conducting a thorough Productivity and Quality Assessment provides you the information you need to make decisions and manage successfully.

For an organization of 50 or fewer people, you can conduct a self-assessment of the entire organization using a combination of surveys, interviews and work sessions in about one week.

In a larger organization, you can limit the areas to be analyzed for your self-assessment or use our services for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Our guide (self- or externally- administered) looks at all IT functions including:

  • Analysis & Development
  • Maintenance/support
  • Testing/QA/Quality
  • Planning/finance
  • PMO/metrics/reporting
  • Others added for customization

You will be able to trace how work is initiated, its steps and how it is finished. You will learn how long it takes and the actual effort to complete it. You'll discover the actual skills required for effective work and barriers, bottlenecks or hidden problems.

You will receive:

  • Productivity Guide
  • Scoresheet
  • Scoring Template
  • Results Presentation Template
  • Assessment templates:
    • Metrics-Stress-Test
    • Process Assessment
    • Skills Assessments
    • Disaster-Recovery Plan-Stress-Test
    • Readiness Assessment.

You can see BSI for instructions on more quality standards