Assessing your Software Asset Management program is essential to building a roadmap to the future and assuring that your efforts are on track.

Do you know your SAM Current position? Strengths? Areas for improvement?

Learn to define SAM key metrics, a balanced score card for SAM, set metric targets, assess your current position and launch a successful SAM Metrics program to improve decision making and SAM management and reporting.

In addition to the training materials you will receive:

  • SAM Metrics Baseline program
  • SAM Sample Gauges
  • SAM Metrics Glossary
  • Benefits Tracker to document SAM Savings
  • Balanced Score Card & SAM Dashboard Metrics

Topics include:

  • Understanding the key SAM factors and business need
  • Building a SAM measurement program
  • The SAM metrics baseline
  • Identifying & Selecting SAM Metrics
  • Changing behavior with SAM Metrics

Let's talk about your situation and how the SAM Metrics Program can help you today…