Barb Patterson


Barb Patterson was an extraordinary leader, consultant, and dear friend. Barb made a difference wherever she went. She transformed her departments during her corporate career in the insurance industry and helped every customer to move forward as a consultant. Her service to her community in Baltimore is legendary. 

I first met Barb when we were relatively new managers of IT quality assurance at a conference sponsored by the Quality Assurance Institute (now QAI Global, Inc.) We soon became friends as our paths crisscrossed and we presented at many of the same conferences. In 1990 we were chosen to be Citizen Ambassadors of People To People and traveled to the Soviet Union. Our three weeks in the USSR, meeting our IT quality counterparts, speaking at conferences, and spending time with ordinary citizens in their homes, made a change in our lives and solidified our friendship. 

One of the changes for me was to leave the corporate world and become a consultant. After Barb made a similar move, we worked together on many projects with diverse clients and continued to cross paths as we managed and spoke at conferences, published articles, and served on boards. Barb had that rare ability to be absolute truthful with clients, telling them what they needed to hear, pulling no punches, and sharing the gift of her experience and insights facing the same sorts of issues. They always thanked her, especially when they followed her advice and got great results. 

Barb's keen intellect, her refusal to take any nonsense from anyone, and her piercing wit made her a formidable consultant and delightful friend. She had an indomitable spirit and lived life on her own terms. Her last months were spent living life to the fullest on her own terms and inspiring everyone around her. At our last lunch together, we reminisced about our adventures and talked about the future and just enjoyed the good food, good company, and good conversation. 

Barb, I've been blessed to have you in my's not the same without you.