ITIL - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION LIBRARY - is fast becoming an international standard being implemented in companies world-wide.

If you are implementing ITIL then you know how important it is to track improvements and evaluate your current situation…

You need an ITIL baseline program, sample gauges and more…

Learn to establish your organization's ITIL metrics program and evaluate your current metric strengths and areas for improvement. Learn to monitor your progress and improvements…

In addition to the training materials you will receive:

  • ITIL metrics baseline program
  • ITIL sample gauges
  • ITIL balanced score card and dashboard metrics
  • ITIL metrics glossary

Topics include:

  • Understanding the ITIL framework
  • Building an ITIL Measurement Program
  • The ITIL Metrics Baseline
  • Identifying and Selecting ITIL Metrics with Muscle
  • Changing Behavior with ITIL Metrics

Let's talk about your situation and how ITIL Metrics With Muscle can help you today…