Ellen Bristol

When sales managers were about to give up on a difficult client they called in Ellen Bristol to breathe new life into the situation and create a win-win for the client and the company. Throughout her twenty-plus years as a sales and marketing executive for Fortune 50 companies, Ellen developed her signature methodology, Selling the SMART WayTM. Ellen helps companies:

  • Implement a sales strategy that works
  • Create and sustain high-performance sales teams
  • Lock in compelling customer relationships
  • Get bottom line results through continuous improvement of sales effectiveness.

Ellen consults with a wide range of companies and has also become an expert in nonprofit board development and effectiveness. Her Fundraising the SMART WayTM moves your nonprofit from bake sales to big bucks. Nonprofits achieve sustainable growth with her tested methodology.  

Ellen is co-author with Rebecca Staton-Reinstein of the forthcoming Success Planning: A 'How-To' Guide for Nonprofit Strategic Planning. She is President of Bristol Strategy Group and the developer of sales resources. She is a sought-after speaker. Contact her at Ellen@BristolStrategyGroup.com

Visit her website and get your sales force bringing in the clients you want and your nonprofit board helping you fulfill your mission.