Do you know how well your IT or technology areas are doing?

Do you have the reliable data you need to manage your IT assets?

Do your business partners and customers cheer when you deliver your latest technology solution?

If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, read on…

The latest studies show that failed projects cost the world economy over $500 BILLION according to the Gartner Group…

If you don't want to contribute to that growing number, read on…

The Quality, Productivity & Compliance Center provides consulting and training services to help you:

  • Improve ROI by managing your software assets effectively and efficiently
  • Improve the quality of your technology solutions and the efficiency of your delivery
  • Improve your decision making using critical metrics
  • Eliminate costly software defects long before they appear in your systems
  • Manage your technology functions strategically to deliver results customers want
  • …and much much more…


Automate Measurement & Balanced Scorecards
Plan and Execute Strategically for Swiss Replica Cartier Bottom Line Results
Use the IT Leadership Power Tools for Improved Effectiveness
Implement Quality Principles for Improved Business Results
Build, Lead and Manage Productive and Effective Teams
Communicate effectively for IT Success


Metrics Stress Test
Process and Skills Assessments
Disaster-Recovery Plan Stress Test
Change Readiness
Productivity/Quality Assessment
Software Asset Management Assessment


Get Great Requirements
phase-6 Training Guide
The Hard Job of Making Software Work: Build Quality Assurance Step by Step
Unleash the Power of Inspections, Peer Reviews and Static Testing
Use the IT Management Power Tools for Improved Effectiveness
Manage By Process/Manage By Fact: Engineer, Measure, Manage and Improve Software Processes
Improve Project Management
Defining ITIL Metrics with Muscle
Building a SAM (Software Asset Management) Metrics Program