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"When our old business paradigm failed as our industry was changing, Rebecca's system of analysis and action, SUCCESS PLANNING, helped our management team turn things around. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in establishing a better business focus."
-- Timothy M. Winger, President, Novelty Manufacturing

" SUCCESS PLANNING is a remarkably detailed and concise expression of what we needed to learn and implement in order to succeed at the next level of corporate growth."
-- Dennis E. Willman, Chairman, York Container Company

"Dr. Staton-Reinstein's approach to strategic planning creates a forum for effective, profitable ideas from everyone and helps us make informed decisions. SUCCESS PLANNING, eliminates confusion about where we are going as a company and gives us a way to measure, so we know we're on track. SUCCESS PLANNING provides us a mechanism to enhance entrepreneurship."
-- Steve Hayworth, CEO, Gibraltar Bank

"Our Colonel was introduced to SUCCESS PLANNING at the US Army War College, and that's why we're using it here."
-- US Army installation

"SUCCESS PLANNING helped us, first and foremost, understand where we were as an organization, confront the 'brutal facts' and articulate, without mass chaos, where we wanted to go. We came up with a lot of great ideas and priorities and now we've got to make choices. The litmus test is, 'Is it consistent with our Goals?' Working through the strategic planning process created an esprit de corps, an environment that wasn't departmental, that helped us move the SUCCESS PLANNING process down to where everybody in the organization was engaged."
-- CEO

"The SWOT analysis was extremely helpful and allowed us to identify and prioritize the facts so we identified the most important factors for our growth. It sent me and my team back to the drawing board saying, 'We need to figure out this type of product line and its profitability. How do we do that through SUCCESS PLANNING strategic plan?' Everyone got committed and we doubled our assets in just a few years."
-- CFO

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This Really Works!, September 17, 2003

By A Customer

This review is from: Success Planning: A 'How-To' Guide for Strategic Planning (Paperback)

Finally, a simple, concise, effective set of tools to create strategic plans that really work. My past planning efforts created bloated tomes that were either too high level to execute, or too picky to provide guidance. The Success Planning approach makes more sense. It keeps you focused on the high-level goals while ensuring that you link tactics and activities to them, so you evaluate the results of the tactics, not just their completion. It takes the guesswork out of decision making. This book is filled with practical tips on how to create plans, establish priorities, and evaluate results, over the long haul. It really made a difference in my business.

Strategy and Tactics well defined in here!!, December 31, 2009

By R. Lomas “zim3k”

This review is from: Success Planning: A 'How-To' Guide for Strategic Planning (Paperback)

If what you want is a detailed step by step of how to create your own strategic and tactical plans, this is the book. It is simple to follow and quick to read. Use it to your advantage to navigate the office jungle out there. A good skill to have for today's work environment that is always changing. Don't just want change or you get what we've got. Make change. This is the book.

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