Nonprofit Services

Non-Profits need to operate with as much efficiency and effectiveness as any corporation.

  • Is your organization operating smoothly?
  • Are all of your processes effective and efficient?
  • Is your Board setting clear direction?
  • Are you providing high quality service?

We work with Non-Profits that want to improve service to constituents, operate efficiently and effectively, have healthy board/staff relationships and grow their capacity to contribute to the community.

We can adapt all of our products and services to the special needs of Non-Profits.

Success Planning for Non-Profits:
Identify constituents needs, set long and short range goals, develop a strategic plan, implement the plan and monitor it and act to improve the outcomes.

Board Development for Non-Profits:
Develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Implement a successful policy leadership strategy insuring organizational success. Where there is a staff, develop the correct relationship to insure great service to the constituents and the community.