Discover What's Working For and Against You with Customized Surveys

  • What do customers expect next?
  • Do your managers understand their impact on employee performance?
  • Is your healthy company missing potential conditions for employee excellence or trouble spots?
  • Is every employee maximizing his or her gifts to build a high performance team?

Well constructed surveys give you information to make sound business decisions. We provide established and customized surveys for your unique situation.

  • Customer Expectation Studies: Find out what internal and external customers want before they can tell you. Satisfaction surveys look backward and cannot dig out what the customer wants next. The secret? Discover customer expectations and meet unarticulated desires before the competition.
  • Full Circle Feedback: Managerial effectiveness drives employee performance. Help managers improve with feedback from direct reports, peers, customers, and their managers. Build high performance teams with Full Circle Feedback.
  • Cultural Environment Assessment: Optimize your cultural work environment to maximize performance. Discover what's working to support and hinder individual and team achievement. Document your organizational transformation progress.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® MBTI: Your preferences for gathering data, making decisions, relating to others, and organizing your life are your gifts. Use MBTI to explore your individual personality, build on your strengths, and understand others. Use MBTI to improve cooperation, communication, and collaboration and build a high performance team. Maximize your unique gifts. Understand and interact with others more effectively. 

MBTI is the most used and researched personality assessment. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. and MBTI Master Practitioner, works with you individually or as a team to understand how your personality preferences influence your work, communication, and management styles.  


Individuals: Use MBTI to consider key life decisions, become a better communicator, and use your strengths and talents to become more productive.


Teams: Gain insights into fellow team members, work together more effectively, and eliminate needless conflict.


Everyone: Learn the art of Flexing to "speak the other person's language" without giving up your own. Receive a detailed profile and content-packed notebook in an interactive feedback and education session. Choose from different types of in-depth profile reports based on your needs. Integrate into leadership, team, and personal development. 

Master Practitioner Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., is ready to work with you as an individual or team. Contact to complete MBTI on line and schedule a feedback session for you or your team.


Discover what you need to know to grow your organization with our customized surveys.